PIA SA Blog - A community engagement challenge…

8th Sep 16

The draft 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide has been released for consultation; consultation and engagement sessions are arranged for planning professionals and our community and there will be a great amount of discussion occurring on the draft plan in the coming months. 

No doubt many planners will be discussing the plan with colleagues, planners and professionals involved in planning, development, local and State Government. 

A pertinent question for all planners to reflect on, especially in light of our previous blog articles concerning community engagement, is how to increase understanding amongst the community about the importance of the 30-Year Plan.  Whilst formal community consultation sessions will occur, the fact remains that much of our community is unaware of the importance of the planning generally, let alone the 30-Year Plan.

We challenge planners over the next month or so to grab opportunities to speak with members of their community about the draft plan, what its intentions are and, more fundamentally, why there is a plan in place and why it needs updating.

The value of the 30-Year Plan cannot be understated, it represents a comprehensive set of objectives and goals for the continued growth and development of Greater Adelaide.  It is the Plan which guides the evolution of Development Plans – the document which directly affects the way in which individual developments may occur, where they occur and how they occur.  The Plan sets the scene for exciting changes and improvements for our city whilst protecting the things we love most about it.  It is vital that awareness of the draft Plan and appreciation of what it seeks to achieve is heightened amongst everyone who lives in our great city.

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