Founded in 1951, PIA remains at the forefront of promoting excellence as the national body representing local, regional, state and national planning within the public and private sectors.

We do this by advocating for better planning, developing high quality planners, and supporting the profession. We believe that good planning embraces good principles, uses robust systems and engages all stakeholders.

PIA membership is an investment in you, your career and the industry. Split into a range of grades based on levels of qualification, experience and industry sector. Membership is designed to support and assist you throughout your career.

You can join PIA under one of two classes: Member or Associate. Each class is made up of a number of grades to allow for professional growth, regardless of your current career experience.


For the majority of Australia’s qualified planning professionals, joining as a Member in this class is where you belong. You will be joining a nationwide network of leading industry professionals and be given access to the tools you need to support you throughout your career. PIA has two grades within this class:

Full Member

► Registered Planner

Within these two grades, Members may also be elevated to the standing of Fellow or Life Fellow. The requirements and process for this honour are addressed in the PIA By-Laws.

On admission to the Member Class, all Members must agree to abide by the PIA Code of Professional Conduct, in accordance with the PIA By-Laws.

What documents do i need to supply?

► Membership Fees

► Membership Benefits


If you don’t qualify to join PIA as a Member, you may wish to join as an Associate. As an Associate, you will receive relevant communication and support depending upon where you are in your career. Whilst you will not receive all the benefits or voting rights of a Member, we will make sure you are kept in touch with the planning profession and will assist you to transition into the Member Class if and when you are ready to do so.

Our Associate class has five grades:




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