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Global Planners Network (GPN)

PIA is an active member of GPN acting on behalf of PIA members.

Vision, Goals and Objectives

Our Vision is to contribute to the creation and maintenance of inclusive, safe, healthy and sustainable human settlements through a collaboration of the international planning profession.

Our Goals are to mobilise and share knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences; build the capacity of the planning community; and promote and provide international advocacy for planning.

Our Objectives are to develop and share a global planning knowledge base; further develop the world’s capacity for and understanding of planning; define the concepts of sustainability and sustainable human settlements; promote human equity and empowerment in planning; and engage new partners committed to the values of the Vancouver Declaration and the work of GPN.

GPN Structure and Operation

The GPN is intended to be a non-institutional body with limited administration. In this way it does not seek to replace or duplicate the roles and purpose of national planning associations or other representative associations, but rather garner ideas and information to help shape consensus views and engage in activities that will leverage off this experience for the benefit of international planning awareness, learning, development, support and standing up for planning.

The latest GPN Newsletter can be accessed here

Commonwealth Association of Planners

The latest CAP newsletter can be accessed here

CAP has drafted a discussion paper to explore the scope for CAP in collaboration with health and built environment professions to assist in developing the health planning agenda throughout the Commonwealth. This paper briefly reviews the process of urbanisation and sets out the case for a common agenda between health and planning. It suggests a number of options as to how the partners might draw on their resources of expertise to pursue the above aim and recommends a way forwards. PIA would like to encourage members to access the discussion paper provide comment on the paper and the options it identifies. All comments can be sent to

Why the Commonwealth needs an SDG addressing urbanisation and human settlements

The Commonwealth Association of Planners is of the view that it is essential to have a dedicated SDG addressing urbanisation.

A Commonwealth Statement on the Post-2015 Development Agenda is being prepared by a High-Level Working Group of Heads. This will be taken forward through individual member governments in the intergovernmental consultations at the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly. There is considerable support for inclusion of an urban development goal amongst the list of development goals, but it is by no means certain that it will survive the UN editing process. It is essential that Commonwealth member states support the inclusion of an SDG addressing urbanisation.

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