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Take this opportunity on 20 November 12.30pm whatever your location, to join our WEBINAR to hear all about Sydney's second airport and the key issues involved.

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Office of Environment and Heritage - Sustainable Housing Collaborative

PIA is collaborating with organisations across the housing industry on an initiative to drive customer demand for more sustainable homes. These are homes that have features that increase comfort and healthy living while reducing running costs and the impact on our environment.

We seek to understand industry and consumer attitudes and are interested in your honest opinion, based on your experience in the housing industry.

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Urban Design

Hosted by City Plan

Join Andrew Hammond for this two day interactive course For those who are at the forefront of urban development, management and design it will be a refresher of fundamentals.

To those on the periphery, this course will assist in understanding principles, concepts and qualities of good urban design, which we often respond to but find it harder to articulate and identify.