Media Releases
The Planning Institute of Australia issues statements to the media on matters relating to and affecting the planning profession.
Media Stories
Newspaper, magazine and online articles which PIA is mentioned in are quoted are posted for you to view.
PIA Journals are sent Nationally, to New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. These are in either printed version or online.
Social media
The Planning Institute uses social media to communicate with and receive information from members and other stakeholders in the planning profession.
Latest Bulletins
PIA bulletins are sent to our members and a large number of friends of PIA. These are sent via email and can be sent montly, bi-monthly or weekly.
Policy & Advocacy News
This publication aims to keep PIA members informed of PIAs activity in policy and advocacy and of a range of planning policy matters of interest in Australia and internationally.
Global Planners Network
The Global Planners Network includes Planning Institute of Australia, Commonwealth Association of Planners, American Planning Association, Canadian Institute of Planners and The Royal Town Planning Institute
News pre-2014
Media Releases and Media Stories prior to 2014 are stored within the PIA Archive.