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Name: Yekaterina Kurganova
Phone: 0457 236 366
Desired working location: Brisbane


  • Feb 2016 – Present – Master of Urban design and environmental planning from Griffith University, Brisbane.
  • 2001-2006 – Master of Architecture of residential and public buildings from Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Almaty/Kazakhstan.

Professional Experience:

Chief specialist/ LLC Project institute “Kazgiprograd” 1, Almaty/Kazakhstan/2008-2015

  • Management of projects,
  • Assisting in data collection,
  • Negotiating with local governments,
  • Preparation of; presentation materials, posters and GIS based thematic layouts of regional and city level planning documentation.

Leading architect/ LLC “DDF”, Almaty/Kazakhstan/2006-2008

  • Management of projects,
  • Cooperate with contractors,
  • Develop presentation materials and documentation,
  • Create 3D models of buildings, interior design and planning of functional content in buildings.

Architect/ LLC ”Interingproject”, Almaty/Kazakhstan/2004-2006

  • Develop presentations and promotion packages,
  • Prepare documentation and create 3D models of buildings.


· AutoCAD,

· Revit,

· MapInfo,

· ArcGIS,

· Photoshop

· Lightroom,

· Sketch-up,

· CorelDraw,

· Premier Pro,

· 3Ds Max,

· V-ray,

· ProShow producer,

· Microsoft Office,

· Windows and Mac platforms.

Social skills and competences:

I like to interact with people and maintain positive social relationships. I am flexible, I adapt to different working environments and I like to work in a team. I am still learning about how to behave in multicultural environments through my continuous professional education, working and traveling however; I am open-minded and I am ready to offer my knowledge, ideas and skills for finding mutually acceptable solutions.

Organisation skills and competences:

I have an ability to communicate, motivate, inspire and build trust among colleagues and collaborators. I am capable to lead, direct, guide, and manage in an efficient way. I am active in sport and social life and I know how to engage people in the process of cooperation, sharing and working together. I have project management experience on large-scale projects.


Name: Rohini Belapurkar
Phone (optional): 0415143754
Desired working location: NSW


  • Feb 16 - Present - Graduate Certificate in Urban & Regional Planning from University of Sydney.
  • 2014 - Community Citizens Training Program- Parramatta City Council, NSW
  • 2004 - 2006 - Master of Planning (Housing) from India
  • 1997 - 2002 - Bachelor of Architecture from India

Professional Experience:

Assistant Professor | MBS School of Planning & Architecture | Mar 2012- May 2013

  • Engaged students with subjects like History of Architecture, Architectural Drawing and Architectural Design,
  • Guided students for Architectural Dissertation,
  • Co-ordinated Final Year Thesis for Bachelor of Architecture full time undergraduate degree course.

Planning Officer | Delhi Development Authority, India | Jun 2006- Mar 2007

  • Assisted Director of the Unit on Master Plan Delhi- 2021 in the policy and preparation of Infrastructure and Shelter aspects of the Master Plan for Delhi 2021.

Architect | India| Jun 2002- Mar 2004

  • Worked on designing, detailing and co-ordination of projects like Commercial Complex, Housing, Transport Plaza, Factory Complex, School hostel, temple & open air theatre.

Volunteering Experience:

Parent Helper | Community Hub, Westmead Public School, NSW | Mar 2014- June 2015

  • Providing Harmony Day participants with promotional material
  • Running the Harmony Day information desk
  • Arranging the Multicultural lunch for parents & staff
  • Book covering
  • Helping at the uniform Shop


  • Documentation & Policy preparation - As a Planning Officer, I have assisted the Director of Master Plan Unit in the policy and preparation of Infrastructure and Shelter aspects of Master Plan for Delhi 2021, at the Delhi Development Authority (DDA).


  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint)
  • AutoCAD 2D & 3D
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Revit Architecture- Introduction from TAFE, NSW
  • Class “C” Driver’s License NSW


  • Full Time Student Member- Planning Institute of Australia
  • University of Sydney

(added 23/5/2016)


Name: Natalie Cefala
Desired working location: Melbourne
2013-2015 - Bachelor of Environments (Major in Urban Planning and Design) - University of Melbourne
2016 - Diploma of Graphic Design (Online) - North Coast Institute


2015- Current Mapping and Research Analyst - CBRE

2014 Volunteer Planning Assistant - Brimbank City Council


  • Strong knowledge of Victorian Planning Schemes
  • Processing and analysing planning permits, Condition 1, landscaping plans and extensions of time.
  • MapInfo
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop)
  • TRIM
  • Authority Enterprise
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)

(added 5/5/2016)


Name: Anthony Perrin
Desired working location: Melbourne or Australian Capital Territory


2014 – 15/04/2016

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Victoria University


Bachelor of Arts
Victoria University
Political Science and Sociology


Certificate IV and Diploma in Liberal Arts
Victoria University
Philosophy, Politics and Social Sciences


2013 – Present:

Volunteer Archivist Assistant - Melbourne Athenaeum Archives


2012 – Present:

Welcome Ministry - St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne


2012 - 2012 Free English Class - Cross Cultures (Church based student club)


  • Analytical ability
    • Researched and wrote short history of the former Art Gallery situated at the Melbourne Athenaeum, referencing primary resources such as handwritten minute books and annual general meeting reports dating from early to mid-20th century.
    • Searched historical references for the Melbourne Athenaeum Archives online and at the State Library of Victoria.
    • Proof-read documents online (Trove) correcting the digitised text about the Melbourne Athenaeum.
  • Collaboration skills
    • Worked as a volunteer under supervision in an archives environment with people of various ages (Melbourne Athenaeum).
    • Crowd control at St Paul’s Cathedral during Christmas, Easter and other services (Welcome Ministry).
  • Critical thinking ability
    • Gave feedback on class curriculum to teachers of the Free English class, when requested.
    • Contributed to research on sometimes difficult questions from academic researchers and the general public about the Melbourne Athenaeum’s past, using in-house resources, alongside internet resources, and by using broad general knowledge.
  • Interpersonal skills
    • Greeted students at Cross Cultures, encouraging them to converse in the Free English Class.
    • Responded to public and academic research requests by referencing primary sources dating from mid-19th century to late 20th century at the Melbourne Athenaeum Archives.
    • A role as an official greeter for overseas and local visitors, including various clergy and associated family, and the Governor of Victoria prior to church services at St Paul’s Cathedral (Welcome Ministry).
    • Delivered impromptu oral presentations on the Melbourne Athenaeum's history during Open Melbourne Day 2014.
  • Organisational ability
    • Set up and maintained accommodation standards in classroom on behalf of other students in a Free English Class.
    • Catalogued architectural plans using Microsoft Excel and physically storing them according to archival standards at the Melbourne Athenaeum Archives.
  • Perseverance
    • Continued post-graduate studies through family trauma/medical obligations.
    • I would like to mention that I have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

(added 5/5/2016)


Name: Adrian Cedro
Phone: 0410 701180
Desired working location: South-East Queensland

Education: 2000 - 2004 Bachelor of Environmental Planning - Griffith University

I have worked as a town planner within the private consulting and statutory planning sector for 9 years. I wish to seek new opportunities to build upon my existing career foundation within an organisation that values and promotes continued professional development, and to refine and broaden my expertise in development projects of diverse types and scales.


2006-2015: town planner - Tong Town Planning & Development Services

  • Preparation, submission, management and delivery of development applications and approvals of various scales and types within the IDAS framework, including through the RiskSMART initiative.
  • Work has been undertaken primarily within the South-East Queensland region, and Brisbane City Council jurisdiction in particular, however has also included the surrounding local government areas.
  • Provision of general town planning advice and fee proposals, through to preparation of detailed town planning and due diligence advice.
  • Exposure to Planning and Environment Court matters, including mediation involvement and preparation of affidavits.
  • Response to, resolution, and if necessary coordination of, local and State government information requested matters.
  • Response to, and rectification of, 'show cause' and enforcement notices.
  • Preparation of 'negotiated decisions' and modification applications.
  • Preparation of public notification submissions and external development application review.
  • Plan sealing applications and facilitation of survey plan registration.
  • Review and analysis of technical reports and information, and coordination and interaction with associated professionals.
  • Review and interpretation of legislation and public policy.


  • Effective research, critical analysis and writing skills developed during tertiary studies and postgraduate industry experience in the private town planning sector and statutory planning environment. Employment has necessitated proficient written communication skills, which are adaptable to a variety of tasks, subjects and recipients. The scope of my role and responsibilities has assisted to develop professional resourcefulness and ability to reach good town planning conclusions based upon sound assumptions and all available information.
  • Ability to reliably work individually and unsupervised. Simultaneously, as a private consultant and conduit between clients, designers and other technical professionals and statutory authorities, the ability to work cooperatively has also been crucial to ensuring positive outcomes.
  • Appreciation of both internal and external time and project management matters. Exposure to statutory and other associated development timeframes and constraints during employment has reinforced the necessity of responding promptly and proactively to issues as they arise. Such skills are transferable to new roles and responsibilities.
  • Communication skills, developed through necessity of being able to interact effectively within a planning team, with clients and with associated professionals and statutory authorities to ensure positive resolution of assessment matters and ultimately, application outcomes.
  • Problem solving skills developed through exposure to a high proportion of performance-based development applications, in addition to other retrospective applications, which often involve developing creative solutions to legitimise non-compliant land uses.
  • Computer literacy in a number of regularly used Microsoft and Adobe programs, and willingness and ability to further develop skills as future roles require.
  • Knowledge of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, other associated legislation and State and local government statutory tools and processes.
  • Exposure to building regulation and Australian Standards matters, the consideration of which can assist to avoid post-development approval delay if considered at the conception of a project

(added 3/5/2016)


Name: Oliver Carroll
Phone: 0412 934 560
Desired working location: Perth

BA (Hons) Geography and Planning, Sheffield University, UK
2004 - 2007


July 2007 - April 2010 Jacobs Consultancy
Manchester, England


The 5 main duties undertaken in this role were as follows:

  1. Preparing transport assessments
  2. Policy analysis of planning documents
  3. Public consultation report writing
  4. Using traffic junction analysis software
  5. Data input into micro and macro traffic models

Summer 2005 & Summer 2006 Wigan Council Planning Department
3 Month Summer Break Student Placement

(added 2/5/2016)


Name: Max Tran

Hi, my name is Max, and I am a graduate at the University of Sydney. I am a passionate person who enjoys sharing enthusiasm for a better planning environment, and for that reason I am looking for unpaid work experience/internship within Sydney area. Urban planning to me can help establish the conditions needed to protect, create and enhance efficient urban environments. While my studies have provided me with theoretical grounding and overall understandings of the NSW planning system, I have a passion in heritage conservation, urban design, and policy making, where I hope to put my interests and learning into practice.

Phone: 0405 549 010
Desired working location: Sydney




  • Strong background in architectural design
  • Proficient user of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Advanced knowledge of 2D and 3D visualisations, including Adobe Suite, SketchUp, 3DS Max and other modelling programs.
  • Expert in compiling and generating graphic presentations and visually integrated reports.


(added 2/5/2016)


Name: Nigel Koni
Phone: (+675) 76449590
Desired working location: WA, Perth

2012 - 2014, Masters Degree in Regional & Urban Planning, Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang, Central Java Republic of Indonesia
2008 - 2011, Bachelor Degree in Social Work, University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, PNG
2004 - 2007, Secondary School Certificate
1996 - 2003, Lower & Higher Primary School Certificate

Currently working as a Principal Planner-Urban Plans with the National Department of Lands & Physical Planning in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, it's been 2 years till now/current employ
Working as a Junior Child Protection Officer with the National Capital District Family Welfare Services for 18 months

Develop my career; by working in different country to experience the different planning scenario and becoming an expert in the field of development planning.

(added 18/04/2016)


Name: Zahra Fatima
Phone: +447443991637
Desired working location: Melbourne (VIC), Perth (WA)

Education: Msc European Spatial Planning and Environmental Policy under the PlanetEurope program

Experience: Severn Estuary Partnership (Internee) Cardiff, Untied Kingdom

  • Research Assistant- Validation of Terrestrial Planning Documents- WWF project (Length of time spent- 2 months)
  • Organised the 2015 annual forum of Severn Estuary Partnership held on 29th September 2015 (Length of time spent - 1 month)
  • Creation of Marine Planning web page for Severn Estuary Partnership website (Length of time spent - 2 weeks)

1 Jul 2010–30 Jun 2011: Researcher Citizen's Commission for Human Development, Lahore (Pakistan)

  • Proposal Development on behalf of CCHD for transparency and accountability of AID given by various international organizations, funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Analysed the State Land Scheme (development plan) on behalf of CCHD, funded by Government of Punjab (Pakistan)
  • Miscellaneous Work: Record keeping; Data collection; Reporting


1 Feb 2015–Present Master of Science in European Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development (Track-II)
Cardiff University, Wales (United Kingdom)
Environmental Behaviours: Citizens, Consumers and Communities; Planning for Sustainability; Researching Sustainability; Research Methods

1 Sep 2014–30 Jan 2015 Master of Science European Spatial Planning and Environmental Policy (Track-I)
Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Scholarships/awards 2014-16 Erasmus Mundus programme (Action -1), The Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), European Commission.


(entered 14/4/2016)


Name: Sam Kelly
Phone: 0431406554

Desired working location: Sydney Area (Part Time)

Education: I am currently studying City Planning at UNSW and am looking for a part time job in the industry to give myself a head start with planning. I have loved the idea of planning since I was very young and am extremely passionate about it. I have retail management experience in leading large teams and handling customer enquiries. I currently live in the Parramatta area but am looking at moving closer to the city and I am looking for a part time position.

Experience: Currently I only have experience in retail management, including managing a large team, rosters, cash handling, and admin work. I am eager to learn new things, especially in the planning industry and am willing to put in extra work for it.

(added 8/4/2016)


Name: Thomas Holman
Phone: 0456 611 993
Desired working location: Sydney


Masters in Planning and Sustainability with Commendation, Kingston University (RICS & RTPI accredited), 2010

Chartered Membership of the Royal Town Planning Institute (equivalent to full Member of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA). Recently elected Full Member of PIA.


5 years Local Government experience working in Development Management and Planning Enforcement for a large Council in East Sussex which incorporated urban settlements, countryside and coast.

5 months Development Assessment experience with a Northern Beaches Council in Sydney. Also attained experience supporting the Strategic Planning Team with Consultation work and volunteered to help with Council amalgamation consultations.


(added 4/4/16)


Name: Francesca Damiani

I am an experienced professional within the residential development industry with over 7 years’ experience in the private and public sector. I have wide ranging experience in land acquisitions, disposals and in the delivery of valuable planning consents.

I have excellent interpersonal skills including communication, project management and teamwork and strong negotiation skills, including an ability to identify opportunities and achieve positive outcomes. I am resilient, adapt quickly to new environments and deal with high pressure situations well.

Having recently relocated to Perth from London with my Australian partner I am seeking immediate (April 2016 onwards) long term, permanent opportunities within the development sector.


Desired working location: Perth, Western Australia


MSc Planning Practice and Research - Cardiff University, UK

2008 – 2010

Modules included:

  • Planning and Real Estate
  • Site Planning, Design and Development
  • Planning, Nature and Instruments
  • Urban Design
  • Planning in a Globalising world
  • Researching Spatial Planning


Senior Land and Planning Manager - Wates Developments Ltd, London, UK

July 2010 – April 2016

Wates Developments Ltd is a private residential developer which specialises in identifying land and securing valuable residential and mixed use planning consents across London and the south east of England. Once planning consent is achieved, land is either sold on the open market or the scheme is built out in joint venture with leading housebuilder partners.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Identify and negotiate new land opportunities
  • Prepare and submit planning applications on existing portfolio sites
  • Promote potential development sites through the planning system
  • Lead and project manage external consultant teams
  • Engage with communities, Planning Authorities and landowners
  • Deliver valuable planning consents
  • Formulate internal and external planning strategies
  • Execute land disposals and joint venture partnerships
  • Prepare and monitor financial appraisals, budgets and forecasts
  • Research and prepare papers for board governance

Key Achievements:

  • Imber Court, East Molesey, Surrey – Site promotion, planning consent and subsequent disposal of a 95 unit residential scheme on a previously developed industrial site
  • Parkside Place, Hammersmith, London – Planning consent and subsequent joint venture of a mixed use application for 40 residential units and retail space on a previously developed retail site
  • Gondar Gardens, West Hampstead, London – Planning consent via appeal and subsequent sale of 28 unit residential scheme on a redundant city reservoir
  • Kennel Farm, Basingstoke – Site promotion and subsequent planning consent via appeal of a 310 unit scheme on a greenfield site
  • Picket Piece, Hampshire – Planning consent and subsequent disposal of a number of parcels of land to a leading housebuilder
  • Land acquisitions – a number of acquisitions under Option and Promotion Agreements and Freeholds across London and the south east of England


(added 21/03/2016)


Name: Julie Hassan
Phone: 0410 412 027
Desired working location: Western Sydney (Parramatta to Penrith), or Sydney CBD
Education: Currently studying Town Planning through UWE. Have a Conveyancing, Legal and Real Estate background
Experience: Have a Conveyancing, Legal and Real Estate background



Name: Deepti Chauhan
Phone: 0497 618 480

Personal Profile:

A positive, proactive and results-driven a Statutory Planner & Architect with a 3+ year accomplished career record with a highly successful background in the field of Urban Planning, Policy Making and Project Management. Experienced in working with government and non-government Sector and Possesses excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills and the ability to develop and maintain mutually beneficial internal and external relationships.

Area of Expertise:

Urban Planning/ Designing Project Planning and Management Leadership & Team Management
Geospatial Information G.I.S Program Evaluation and Monitoring

Stakeholder Management

Research and Development Natural Resource& Management

Client Handling

Administration & Management Community development and planning


Data Assessment/ Handling Capacity Building

Organizational Development

Documentation and Presentation. Strategic Planning & Financial Management

Social Impact Analysis

Academic Qualification: Assessed by Overseas Qualification Unit, Victoria:

  • Masters in Planning: (M. Plan, CEPT University, centre for environment Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad, India), 2013 with specialisation in “Urban and Regional Planning”
  • Bachelor in Architecture: (M.D.U University, India), 2010.

Professional experience:

Sep 2015 (current) - United Homes Australia, Builders & Building Contractors, Australia (

Architect/ Administration Officer:

Key Responsibilities:

  • In my current role as an Architect/ Administration officer at United Homes I am required to use MS office programs on a daily basis and am highly proficient in this regard which includes the presentation of information in a variety of formats.
  • To preparing database, management of statistical information, electronic calendar management.
  • Part of my duties includes the provision of administrative support to team which consists: Liaising with stakeholders and Client Management dealing with Managers, Clients, Stake holders, Site Supervisors and Staff.
  • Updating databases and excel spreadsheets on a daily basis in addition to writing various reports and proposals. My responsibilities include the management of all financial aspects and documentations like B.O.Q (Billing of Quantities) and financial statements for the project.

Feb 2015 to July 2015 - Community Development Program me- India

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer: As Monitoring and Evaluation officer, I was involved in the reporting, implementation and monitoring of all project activities, expenditures and progress towards achieving the project output.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Developed and strengthened the monitoring, inspection and evaluation procedures.
  • Developed monitoring and impact indicators for the project success and monitored the sustainability of the project’s results along with providing feedback to the project manager on project strategies and activities and monitor all project activities and expenditures.
  • Undertook surveys and research to address social issues in different project locations across the country, developing research methodology, data collection and analysis (quantitative and qualitative) and coming up with final reports.
  • Managed monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual progress on all project activities to the senior management and documented case studies, learnings, impacts with the assistance of the team.
  • Conducted the evaluation and midterm assessments (social impact assessment / analysis) for the projects to understand the effectiveness and efficiency of the project and the service delivery model.
  • Planned, organized and monitored volunteering activities on site, including leading and motivating volunteers and developing a volunteering policy and implementation strategy.

Aug 2013 to Dec 2014 - National Institute of Urban Affairs

(Ministry of Urban Development, Central Government, New Delhi), India (

Statutory Planner: As a Planner, I have been taking care of the overall project planning and implementation, by undertaking research on various issues affecting the project areas, like designing research methodology and surveys, questionnaire, data collection and analysis along with managing the resources and information collected for the successful implementation of the project.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Developed and strengthened the literature review and research methodology
  • Creating and maintaining Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents using advanced Microsoft Excel functions and calculations to develop reports, lists, and deadlines in regards to assigned projects
  • Interacting with stakeholders via email, telephone, and face to face communication to obtain information pertaining to delegated projects
  • Undertook surveys and research to address social issues in different project, developing research methodology, data collection and analysis (quantitative and qualitative) and coming up with final reports.
  • Managed monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual progress on all project activities to the senior management and documented case studies, learnings, impacts with the assistance of the team.

July 2010 to July 2011 Design and Development, 3c’s Developer, New Delhi (


  • To create the plans and designs for the project or prepare conceptual drawings
  • Managing the records of released drawings or releasing schedule
  • Handled design and construction documentation for variety of residential and commercial projects.
  • Compiling data for architectural plans, specifications, cost estimates, reports etc.
  • Preparing layouts, drawings and preliminary sketches.
  • Writing Reports, Site Visits and small-scale Project Management.
  • Liaising with sub-contractors to ensure compliance with order documentation.

May 2012 to July 2012 - IL&FS, INDIA

Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS) is one of India's leading infrastructure development & finance companies.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Identify infrastructural projects to be initiated by Centre/State/Private sector.
  • To assists the Government in marketing the project and selecting, negotiating and appointing private partners/developers/operators through a transparent bidding process.
  • Structures bankable projects on PPP after proper identification and allocation of risks, unique to each project.
  • Renders appropriate financial advice and mobilize finances and Pro-actively manages contract interfaces and co-ordinate with the Govt. And other stakeholders.
  • Identifying projects to fill the infrastructure gaps or envisaging/proposing entirely new projects that would augment the inflow of tourists.
  • Analyzed the Methodology adopted by the NLC while preparing reports for the priority circuits for States.
  • Proposed adequate solutions based on site visit and consultation with the State Officials.

Additional supporting information:

Projects and Dissertation

  • M. Plan: Research “Assessment of Land Developed Process and its Inferences”, India
    • Regional Development Lab-Regional Plan for Karnataka, India
    • Developed Master Plan for Kathmandu valley (Nepal)
    • Land use planning for the Industrial and port city of Gujarat, India
    • Rural problem identification and policy formulation, India

Interpersonal skills:

  • Good written communication skills, including extensive report writing with strong attention to documentation
  • Excellent teamwork skills - developed through many group assignments.
  • Versatile and very keen in learning newer skills and try to do my job best right at first time
  • Ability to work effectively at all levels of the organization and deliver under tight deadlines
  • A Goal oriented professional & a keen learner with good interpersonal and analytical skills
  • Work experience and exposure to the concepts and issues in strategic planning with an organized approach to work.
  • Excellent time management, organisational and problem solving skills.

Professional, technical skills:

  • Great analytical research skills.
  • Scope Planning, Schedule Development, budget and cost control skills
  • Ability to use Geographic Information Systems - developed through Arc Desktop in the GIS course.
  • Ability to use structural design software – Auto Cadd, Photoshop, google sketch up.
  • Advanced knowledge and skills in a variety of computer programs - including: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point) and Adobe.

(added 08/03/2016)


Name: Matthew Hedges
Phone: 0423 919 448
Desired working location: Sydney
Visa: Visa Class: Skilled Independent (permanent)
Visa Subclass: Skilled - Independent (Subclass 189)
Date of award: March 2015
Availability: Immediate start


  • PIA (Affiliate)
  • Chartered member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (MRTPI)
  • Post Graduate Bachelor of Town Planning
  • BA (Hons) Town and Country Planning


  • January 2015 - February 2016; Pellings LLP, (Head of Planning).
  • September 2014 – January 2015; Pellings LLP. (Senior Planner).
  • May 2011 – August 2014; BDB Design LLP. (Planner).
  • September 2010 – May 2011: P&O Ferries (Dover); (Deck Cadet).
  • May 2009 – August 2009; Swale Borough Council. (Planning Technician)
  • October 2008 – September 2010; New Appointments Group. (P&O Ferries Assistant Steward – Temporary employment).
  • January 2008 – August 2008; Barratt Strategic. (Strategic Planner).
  • October 2007 – January 2008; Barratt Homes (Kent) (Planner)
  • May 2006 – October 2007; Ward Homes. (Planning Assistant).


I graduated from the University of the West of England in 2006 with a Bachelor of Art (Hons) degree in Town and Country Planning. In 2008 I also achieved a Bachelor of Town Planning from UWE and in January 2014 became a Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute. I was made an Affiliated member of PIA in December 2015.

I have a wide range of experience including residential development of differing scales and styles, historic buildings, mixed-use, commercial and education development as well as project management experience. This provides me with a varied skill set that enables me to turn my hand to a wide range of projects and challenges delivering the best advice, project management and client relationships.

As well as planning related skills I have developed a wide range of staff and management skills, through my various employed and voluntary positions, within and outside of the planning sphere. These have provided me with an excellent background for my most recent position, as Head of Planning for Pellings LLP where I was responsible for delivering the Town Planning function within the business.

Non-employment Interests;

Assistant Leader of the Local Explorer Scout Group (until January 2015), Member of Ashford Kent scout Active Support (AKAS), D.I.Y., Motor mechanics, Hill and Mountain walking, Kayaking, Road cycling/Racing, Travelling world-wide to see other countries and cultures.

(added 08/03/2016)


Name: Lucas Patrick
Phone: 0422 580 439
Desired working location: Any Location


University of South Australia, Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Honours) 2015


Placement Student Planner; Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources – State Heritage Unit (Sept. 2014 – Dec. 2014)

Roles included:

  • Development assessments
  • Report writing
  • Research
  • Project planning and management
  • General admin. Duties
  • Regular participation in pre-lodgement and design review sessions
  • Customer Service Representative, Stellar Asia Pacific (June 2007 – March 2012)

Roles included:

  • General customer services
  • Billing
  • Telecommunication services sales
  • Service activations (broadband, fixed line telephone, and mobile services)

(added 25/02/2016)


Name: Kathleen Ly

Phone: 0401 921 397
Desired working location: Victoria




  • Providing assistance to Planning Panels Victoria through various tasks including research, summarizing submissions, report and letter writing and editing/formatting.
  • Providing administrative assistance for particular matters through recording of submissions received online or manually, photocopying, preparing Panel Members folders and filing.
  • Attend hearings, meetings and site inspections.
  • Assisted the Chief Panel Member with the Western Region Housing Forum presentation on affordable housing.
  • Panel reports that I have been involved in include the John Fawkner Hospital Call-In, Ballarat Mercy Aged Home and the Glen Iris level crossing removal project.


  • Customer service, outbound and inbound calling, handling complaints.
  • Responding to customers who have special communication needs (interpretation, relay service etc.).
  • Answering any queries quickly and efficiently while being able to quickly understand a customer’s point of view and being able to empathize with them.
  • Able to respond and adapt to the needs of all customers, quickly processing information, assisting new staff members and hold team meetings.

(added 22/02/2016)


Name: Isaac Clayton
Phone: 0432 201 419
Desired working location: NSW

2013-2015 Master of Urban and Regional Planning Curtin University

2008-2011 Bachelor of Arts (Human Geography and The Environment & Sociology and Anthropology) University of Newcastle

2010 Universität Für Bodenkulture (BOKU) Wien (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna)

Key Skills:

  • 10+ years work experience in a diverse range of positions including team leadership roles.
  • Directly relevant construction and property industry experience.
  • Currently completing Master of Urban and Regional Planning having previously completed a range of other qualifications.
  • Strong customer service skills developed in front-line customer and client service roles.
  • Established communication skills with an ability to resolve complex problems through negotiation and compromise.
  • Asset maintenance qualifications with experience managing contracts and conducting site inspections.
  • A strong work ethic recognised with promotions in a range of contexts.
  • A commitment to teamwork and a genuine desire to work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve team goals.
  • Commitment to teamwork and the achievement of team goals and targets.
  • A capacity to lead and motivate teams and deliver induction and training.

Other skills:

Beginners level German, proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications, experience using Mapinfo and SPSS.


(September 2015 - Present)
Delivery Driver/ Sales Assistant (Retail Liquor)

As a delivery driver I am responsible for inter store transfers as well as the distribution of warehouse deliveries. In my capacity as sales assistant I use specialist wine and liquor knowledge gained through industry experience to guide customers decisions in a high-end liquor retailer. In addition I also ensure compliance with relevant liquor and gaming legislation as well as general in store duties such as merchandising and the monitoring of the store KPI’s.

(March 2015 - Present)
Inventory Manager, Woolworths Convenience. (Retail Supermarkets)

My key responsibilities include stock replenishment and inventory control as well as point of sale customer service. I also complete daily food safety compliance checks and coordinate the operation of the stores long-term over-stock system.

(March 2012 - December 2014)
Safety Officer, Dasco Australia. (High Density Residential Construction)

I joined Dasco Australia as a General Labourer and Plant Operator, and when the company secured a new major contract I was promoted to the role of Site Safety and Compliance Officer. In this role I was responsible for leading the development and implementation of WH&S policy on a $90 million high-density residential development in the Green Square Urban Renewal Area.

Key responsibilities:

  • Inspecting site plant and equipment, identifying hazards and contributing to risk assessment and risk mitigation strategy across a range of commercial and industrial construction sites.
  • Conducting site inductions and SWMS audits, and functioning as an on-site hazard consultant, providing advice and guidance to project managers and contractors.
  • Implementing site-specific safety plans and ensuring ongoing compliance through toolbox meetings, pre-start meetings, inspections, audits and consultation with staff.
  • Supervising work and inspecting completed work in line with project plans.
  • Conducting incident investigations and providing detailed reports with recommendations.
  • Functioning as an elected Health & Safety Representative, accurately representing the concerns of employees and contractors to the project and site management teams.

(December 2010 - March 2012)
Bar Supervisor/ Cellar Person, The Log Cabin. (Hospitality, hotel and functions)

In 2010 I secured role with The Log Cabin, responsible for customer service, stock control, maintenance, and regulatory compliance as well as general beverage service. In addition I trained staff and supervised day-to-day operations. I also managed gaming service including payouts and machine audits.

(August 2008 - November 2010)
Customer Service Representative, Coles Express. (Retail petrol and consumer goods)

I was responsible for providing high levels of customer service to a diverse range of customers. I also managed stock levels including receiving, processing and shelving. I was also given responsibility for providing training and professional development opportunities for staff. In addition to these duties I was required to undertake in store merchandising monitor KPI’s, upsell promotional products and comply with food safety requirements.

(September 2004 – February 2008)
Team Leader, Prosweep NSW. (Landscaping and Asset Maintenance Services)

Having completed high school, I was employed through a cadetship program by Prosweep. Following certification in Asset Maintenance I was responsible for leading small operational teams across a range of work sites. I was given responsibility for supervising contracts including grounds maintenance contracts Telstra and asset maintenance for Woolworth’s distribution. I led a small team driving productivity to meet daily and monthly quotas and targets, ensuing quality and safe work procedure compliance.

Other certifications:

  • Qualified Health & Safety Representative
  • Planning Institute of Australia Graduate Membership
  • Microsoft Excel Level 1 Certification
  • Qualified Occupational First-Aider
  • Nationally Accredited WHS Construction Induction (White Card)
  • Licence to Perform Tag and Test of Electrical Equipment
  • High Risk Work Certification WP LF
  • RSA and RCG Certification
  • Unrestricted Class C Drivers License

(added 18/02/2016)


Name: Lin (Johnny) Zhang
Phone: 0430 128 725
Desired working location: Victoria


My name is Johnny, and I am an urban designer from China. I have relocated from China to Melbourne and started my family here in 2013. I have recently finished a postgraduate course in urban planning and environment from RMIT, with extensive training in Victoria strategy and statutory planning. Prior to this course, I worked as a landscape and urban designer in a private practice in China from 2010 to 2012. I am looking for a position as an urban planner, where I can apply my abilities and passion for urban planning in a professional setting, and keep going with my planning career in Aussie.


2014 – 2015 Postgraduate Course of Urban Planning and Environment / RMIT University

Course specialized in Victoria strategic and statutory planning
Completed a number of planning assignments and studios featuring:
Planning report: A review of a development proposal to VCAT
Urban design studio: Huntingdale station redevelopment urban design
Essay: Heritage urbanism - a discussion on heritage overlay in planning scheme
Essay: Liveable vs. Sustainable - a discussion about the urban form of an evolving Melbourne
Case study: 1970 Plan for Melbourne & Ruth and Maurie Crowe

2007 – 2009 Master of Landscape Architecture / RMIT University

This master’s research focused on how to address landscape concepts in structuring urban development and organizing urban open spaces.


2010 – 2013 Landscape architect and Urban designer - Full time

Green World Design Co., Ltd. (Hainan, China)

Participated in landscape and urban design projects in concept plan, design comparison, document preparation, client negotiation and design development

Assisted in project management, information and concepts evaluation, and decision-making

2011 Mar – Jun Sessional Tutor (Urban Design subject) – Part time

Hainan University, Hainan, China

Mentoring undergraduate students (Year 3) in an urban design studio

2004 – 2007 Planning assistant, Urban designer - Full time

APCE Design Group - (China)

Worked on major planning projects including city master plan, special studies, environmental assessments, urban design, site master plan and community plan projects

Conducted field investigations, data collection, economic and public opinion surveys, case studies, project research, drafting, document preparation and project presentation.

Other duties including staff meeting preparation, team-working, client liaison, and working with relevant authorities.

Skills and Qualities


  • Knowledge of urban planning principles and Victoria planning system.
  • Capable of involving in reports and documents preparation, graphic creation, conceptual design
  • Good analytical and research skills
  • Multi-disciplined background helps me well understand architectural and landscape proposals.

Computer Programs

Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Google SketchUp and ArchGIS based on both PC and Mac system.

Additional skills

Administration & Organization / Time Management / Customer service / Correspondence & Presentations / Problem Solving / Interpersonal & Communication / Multicultural Understanding

(added 3/2/2016)


Name: Juan Hacelas
Phone: 0413 831 755
Desired working location: Sydney

Pontifical Xavierian University (7 weeks)
Basic knowledge of the software to develop renders and animations.

Australian Pacific College (1.5 year full-time program)
Major units of study:Managing a Business, Create team work, Structure of the organization, Basics in Accountant, Planning and supervising performances, development strategies for minimising risks.

Bachelor Degree in Architecture.

Carrick Institute of Education. (1.5 years full-time program)
Major units of study: Develop a Marketing Plan, Manage the marketing process, Manage marketing research, Develop organisational marketing objectives, Evaluate international marketing oportunities, Provide leadership across the organisation, Develop and Implement a business plan, Develop and implement a diversity policy.

Piloto University of Colombia (5 years full-time program)


QBS Group Pty Ltd
Architect Sydney, March 2010–Aug 2011
QBS Group is a company that offers services in the Architectural, Construction and Design industry.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Supervision of residential extension/renovation projects.
  • Responsible of attending the council meetings in order to comply with the requirements of the approvals of Development Application (DA) and Construction Certificate (CC).
  • Managing the assessment of the properties for dual occupancies or different extensions.
  • Managing the documents related with DA and CC applications.
  • Responsible for established good relationships with key customers in the building and design areas.
  • Responsible to manage the deadlines for submit projects for the council.
  • Responsible to build a relationship with different councils to organize their requirements within the projects.
  • All different types of building inspections required for buying and selling properties.

Main Achievements:

  • Designed and construction for extension across Sydney Metropolitan Area.
  • Positioned the company within the market in Building Inspections.
  • Built a well-established relationship with Real Estates and Solicitors.
  • Built a marketing plan to extend the market of the company.

Qualified Building Services Sydney, July2009– February 2010
Qualified Building Services is a company in charge of providing services such as Building Inspections, Maintenance, and Designs for residential properties.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Supervision of the maintenance department.
  • Prepare documentation for submission in the council for approvals.
  • Managing the customer service organization.
  • Improved the marketing strategies to gain more customers for the company.
  • Established long term relation with suppliers and negotiated contracts with them.

Main Achievements

  • Designed a full marketing strategy to position the company.
  • Cooperate with the senior Architect about designs and quotes for renovations in the North Shore Area in Sydney.
  • Delivered quality reports to customers with estimated costs for renovations or maintenance.

Automatic Offices December 2003 – July 2006
Architect (Overseas)

Main Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the Design and presentation for commercial projects in Panama City.
  • Prepared detailed drawings for the clients.
  • Meet the clients to report monthly achievements.
  • Negotiate with suppliers to get the wholesale prices to the commercial complex.

Main Achievements

  • Designed for commercial shops in Panama City.
  • Complete the construction for the interior design for retail shops.

(added 29/01/2016)


Name: Reinier Hanekom
Desired working location: Any

I have a Skilled – Independent (Permanent Resident) visa and my nominated occupation is for an Urban and Regional Planner.


Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Development (2013 – 2014, Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch University)

Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Degree in Town and Regional Planning (2006 – 2009, Cape Peninsula University of Technology CPUT)

  • Best overall performing student award in B-Tech Degree (CPUT) 2009
  • Best overall performing student award in National Diploma (CPUT) 2006
  • Best student in Planning Design award (CPUT) 2006
  • Dean’s merit award (CPUT) 2006

Environmental Impact Assessment & Management Course (2012, City of Cape Town)

AutoCAD Fundamentals Course presented by CADPLAN (2010, Cape Town)

QGis Digital Imagery Workshop presented by Nation Geo-Spatial Information (NGI) (2015, George)

Wetlands Awareness Raising and Land Use Planning Workshop presented by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (2015, George)


February 2015 – February 2016 (1 year)
TOWN PLANNER – Mossel Bay Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa

  • Processing and assessment of development applications for rezoning, subdivisions, clearances, amendments to the zoning scheme, appeals and other application.
  • Compiling recommendation reports to Planning Tribunals and Appeal Committees for consideration.
  • Provide profession planning advice and guidance to developers, consultants, colleagues and members of the public in pre-lodgement consultations.
  • Representing Council at meetings, consultations, workshops and forums.
  • Responding to written and verbal enquiries and addressing complaints in a diplomatic and respectful manner.
  • Interpret, apply and keep up to date with statutory legislation and processes.
  • Conducting detailed analysis, research, investigations and site visits to conclude planning assessment.
  • Building and maintaining strong relations with internal and external agencies through effective communication methods and negotiation and conflict resolution skills.
  • Honouring Council’s values by taking full responsibility and accountability for decisions by always acting in a diplomatic and non-biased manner towards the public.
  • Assisting with the compilation of the new Zoning Scheme Regulations By-law together with associated zoning maps and plans.

November 2014 – January 2015 (3 Months)
TOWN PLANNER – CNDV Africa, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

  • Conduct due diligence investigations and assessments in order to devise appropriate strategic direction for new development proposals.
  • Compilation of development applications for Residential, multi-unit, industrial, commercial & tourist developments for submission to Council and other relevant authorities.
  • Identifying, compiling and submitting tenders for government project.
  • Liaison, consulting and negotiating with clients, specialists, developers, Council officials and various government departments regarding development proposals.
  • Drafting site development plans, layout plans and concept plans for new developments using AutoCAD and ArcGIS software packages.
  • Facilitate the completion of key project deliverables together with a specialist team consisting of landscape architects, architects, engineers, surveyors and environmental consultants.
  • Keeping abreast with changes in socio-economic trends, environmental demands and legislation impacting and influencing development planning.

January 2013 – October 2014 (1 Year & 10 Months)
TOWN PLANNER – Plan Consult Town Planners, Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa

  • Undertaking pre-lodgment investigations and preparation of planning proposals for submission.
  • Autonomously driving and managing multiple projects simultaneously with minimal supervision.
  • Motivational report writing.
  • Drafting concept, layout and site development plans using AutoCAD software.
  • Maintaining and updating files and records.
  • Consulting, liaising and negotiating with relevant authorities and council officials and advising clients on development options in line with spatial planning policies, guidelines and statutory requirements.

June 2010 – December 2012 (2 Years & 7 Months)
ASSISTANT PROFESSIONAL OFFICER (TOWN PLANNING) - City of Cape Town Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa

  • Service Excellence Award for best performance in the Department (City of Cape Town) 2012
  • Administering, processing and assessing land use applications for residential, commercial, tourism and industrial developments.
  • Making sound judgments through compiling professional recommendation reports to Council for decision.
  • Providing professional advice to developers, consultants, Councilors and the general public regarding legislative requirements and strategic plans and policies.
  • Effectively research, analyze and interpret legislation in order to communicate and conveying technical planning concepts and statutory requirements to other professionals in the industry.
  • Pacify and resolve situations of conflict and non-compliance though ethical, diplomatic and tactful actions in line with Councils values and professional image.
  • Sound ability and knowledge to interpret, apply and keep up to date with statutory legislation and processes.
  • Ensure the public is treated in a respectful, tactful, courteous, and empathetic manner.

(added 28/01/2016)


Name: Jiaming Zhu
Phone: 0415662567
Desired working location: All states

University of Sydney
Master Degree in Urbanism (Urban and Regional Planning)
March 2014 – November 2015

Main Units of Study:

  • Introduction to Urban Design
  • History and Theory of Planning and Design
  • Planning Principles, Systems and Practice
  • Strategic Planning and Design
  • Economics for Planners
  • Land Use and Infrastructure Planning
  • Planning Law
  • International Development Planning
  • New Design in Old Settings
  • Principles of Heritage Conservation
  • Urban Morphology
  • Urban Ecology, Design and Planning
  • Urban Design Studio

Northeast Forestry University
Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture
September 2009 – July 2013

Main Units of Study:

  • Introduction to Landscape Architecture
  • History of Landscape Architecture
  • Design of Urban Planning
  • Design of Landscape Architecture
  • Plan of Urban Green Spaces
  • Budgeting and Financial Accounting of Landscape Architecture Projects
  • Urban Design
  • Law and Management of Landscape Architecture
  • English Language for Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture
  • Floriculture and Dendrology of Landscape Design

Qitaihe High School

Higher School Certificate

2005 – 2009

  • Main Units of Study
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Chinese Language
  • History
  • Geography
  • Arts
  • Politics
  • Physical Education


I am a highly professional and diligent person, looking for a placement in a leading Architecture & Urban planning firm with a position related to landscape architecture. From my studies I have acquired many skills including problem-solving skills, urban design, analysis and am looking to apply these skills in a challenging job. I have a very strong work ethic and I am available to start work immediately.

Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Auto CAD 2D
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • SketchUp

Industry Memberships
Student member of Planning Institute Australia
Member of Australia Institute of Urban Studies (NSW Division)
Member of Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA)

Awards & Scholarships
The third prize of ‘Jingyuan’ Landscape Architecture Design in Heilongjiang Province, 2011
Scholarship in Northeast Foresty University, 2010
Minor award in Northeast Foresty University, 2011
Major award in Northeast Foresty University, 2012
Major award in Northeast Foresty University, 2013


Volunteer in ‘Furniture Festival’ in Qitaihe City, 2010

Planner assistant in Tongji Planning Institutue, 2014
Landscape Architecture Assistant in Qitaihe City of Planning Institute, 2013


  • Chinese
  • English

General Skills and Work Ethic

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Strong Presentation and Communications skills
  • Ability to discuss and interpret work design briefs
  • Hard working and dedicated to driving results
  • Technical drawings in cads and adobe programs
  • Proactive and approachable
  • Attention to detail
  • Team player

(added 28/01/2016)


Name: Kelvin Yiu-kee Li
Phone: +61 4 34232433
Desired working location: Any


Master of Urban & Regional Planning – The University of Queensland (2015)
Bachelor (Hons) of Social Science– The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2009)


I am now looking for a challenging new position. I endeavor to provide results of the highest quality in each task I am assigned. In order to meet this demanding objective, I have sought to further my professional development at every given opportunity. I firmly trust that my extensive selection of skills and abilities would allow me to contribute to the continuously improving performance of your company. Resume and references are available on request.

Latest Relevant Employment Positions:

2015: Planning Officer (Intern), Planning Department, Hong Kong SAR Government

  • Performing to a high standard in this challenging role, gaining valuable experience in delivering results within a urban planning capacity
  • Gaining expertise in accurately assessing large scale development projects of both a residential and transport infrastructure nature in addition to processing development applications
  • Utilising skills in collaboration to work effectively with planning consultants in relation to conducting complex planning studies such as environment and traffic impact assessment reports
  • Developing written communication skills when producing detailed consultation reports and sustainability assessment reports for various planning projects
  • Leaving for contract ended

Key Projects

  • Design and Construction of Tseung Kwan O – Lam Tin Tunnel (Dual Two-lane Highway)
  • Development of ex-Cha Kwo Ling Kaolin Min Site - Design and Construction (Residential)
  • Development of Anderson Road Quarry Site (Comprehensive Development)
  • Statutory Kwun Tong (North) Outline Zoning Plan No. S/K14N/14 (Statutory Plan)

(added 15/01/2016)


Name: Nur Ali
Desired working location: Any State

Education: Waikato University – New Zealand

Partial PhD (should complete by 2016). (Thesis – The impacts of climate change on the people of Vatukarasa and Sovi Bay, Nadroga, Fiji Islands)

Assessor Course 4098 and 11281 2015

Design and Evaluate Assessment Materials 11551 and 11552 2015

NCALE (National Certificate in Adult Literacy Education). 2011

Charite University – Berlin, Germany. 2009

Masters in Science - Public Health (Climate change – The consequences of sea level rise on men and women at Lokia Village , Nausori, Fiji Islands)

University of the South Pacific-Suva, Fiji. 2007

Post Graduate Diploma in Geography

University of the South Pacific-Suva, Fiji. 2007

Post Grad Diploma in Environmental Studies

University of the South Pacific-Suva, Fiji.

Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Environmental Studies 2002


Environmental Health Officer 1977 - 2008


  • Making people aware of environmental issues, promoting conservation and sustainability and enhancing the public's enjoyment of the environment through teaching and interpreting the natural world.
  • Training volunteers and community groups involved in environmental work such as conservation projects.
  • Researching and developing educational programmes and resources for schools, adults, families and community groups
  • Acting as a point of contact for teachers, educationalists and community leaders to discuss environmental issues and to find most effective and least expensive solutions.
  • Managing budgets for projects and educational programmes.

Tutor at one institution in New Zealand February 2011 – December 2015


  • Preparing lesson notes, introducing the lesson and making the lesson interesting.
  • Organizing group work for the students, presentations and research work.
  • Organizing homework for the students.
  • Checking and marking students’ homework.
  • Paying attention to weaker students, helping them and trying to find reason for being weak or being slow learner.
  • Keeping record of the family background of each student in the class.
  • Marking the test papers and discussing the correct answers with the class.
  • Discussing the strengths and weakness of the examination performance in general.
  • Discussing thoroughly how the examination questions can be solved or tackled.
  • Organizing various methods of teaching for the slow learners
  • Preparing graphs to show students’ achievements.

(added 14/1/2016)


Name: Segujja Kakembo
Phone: 0401978399
Desired working location: Melbourne
Education: Bachelor of Environments with a major in Urban Design & Planning (University of Melbourne)



  • Collected transport related data whilst working for movendo Pty Ltd (engineering and planning consultancy) in South Melbourne, who are active in the areas of transport and environment, working alongside the City of Melbourne (June 2015 – August 2015)
  • Invited to present our university group’s precinct structure plan for Broadmeadows in front of Melbourne Planning Authority (MPA) members at the head office on 35 Collins St, Melbourne (12th November 2015)


  • Completed Certificate II in Security Operations in 2014 and currently employed as a casual security guard with Tech Guard Security (TGS) through sub-contractor Next Gen Security.
  • Airport McDonalds (January 2013 – November 2014) and Fawkner McDonalds (November 2010 to February 2012) Crew member position (working in the kitchen area) and at the front counter serving customers and taking orders at drive-thru.

(added 13/01/16)


Name: Poppy Ellis-Southwell
Phone (optional): 0417006129
Desired working location: Gold Coast/Brisbane

Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning (Griffith University 2015 – awaiting certification)



Dec 2014 – Mar 2015

  • Development assessment
  • Project management
  • Transport planning
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Technical agency advice
  • Use of State Development Assessment Provisions
  • Research into QLD legislation and planning schemes
  • Basic knowledge of MapInfo

Jan 2013 – Feb 2013

  • Field work taking photographs
  • Environmental Impact Statement (basic information)
  • Graphic design (posters, flyers & flowcharts)
  • Research into NSW legislation and building codes


  • Private stable owners - Stable hand, horse rider
  • Greencross Grooming - Dog bathing
  • Pizza Capers - Casual and driver
  • Equine podiatry – hoof trimming
  • Horse training - dressage

Professional, technical and interpersonal skills:

  • Good written communication skills, including extensive report writing - developed through scientific reports, scoping reports, analysis and application reports assessed at university.
  • Great analytical research skills - developed through academic studies.
  • Excellent teamwork skills - developed through many group assignments.
  • Sound oral communication skills - developed through individual and group presentations.
  • Understanding of legislation and policy - gained through courses such as Climate Change Policy and Planning and Pollution Law.
  • Ability to use Geographic Information Systems - developed through Arc Desktop in the GIS course.
  • Ability to use structural design software - developed through Revit in Structure and the Environment course.
  • Advanced level of knowledge in using graphic design software - in particular Adobe Photoshop, gained though personal use and employment.
  • Advanced knowledge and skills in a variety of computer programs - including: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint) and Adobe Suite (Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash).
  • Excellent time management, organisational and problem solving skills.
  • Highly ambitious, motivated, independent and self driven - developed through years of being a competitive horse rider and academic studies.
  • Excellent at goal and target setting, both long term and short term.

(added 16/12/2015)


Name: Mitchell Mackenzie
Phone: 0416 724 200
Desired working location(s): Melbourne/Geelong

2014 – 2015 (Awaiting Certification): Master of Urban Planning & Environment
RMIT University – Melbourne

2010 – 2013: Bachelor of International Development
LaTrobe University – Melbourne


I am a proactive, articulate, and punctual masters graduate currently undertaking an internship at the Victorian State Government’s Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport, and Resources (DEDJTR). I am also a former volunteer with the National Heart Foundation in the Active Living/Planning Department and currently work at Capire Consulting, as a casual community and stakeholder engagement assistant. I have 5 years of tertiary education, and 1 year of worked planning experience.

06/2015 – Currently interning: Victorian State Government: Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport, and Resources (DEDJTR)
Role: RMIT University Intern

  • Creating and maintaining Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents using advanced Microsoft Excel functions and calculations to develop reports, lists, and deadlines in regards to assigned projects
  • Communicating with stakeholders to obtain information pertaining to delegated projects
  • Delegating tasks and project work to co-workers and taking on additional project work delegated to me
  • Accessing and updating ‘TRIM’ files using DEDJTR’s internal database
  • Completing summaries on key articles for review by DEDJTR to use in publications
  • Researching the environmental impacts of using active transport to inform a summary report
  • Researching alternative environmental and social analytical methods used to evaluate transport infrastructure projects feasibility
  • Gathering and collating data/information pertaining to major parking infrastructure projects across Melbourne’s 31 LGAs to add to various mapping systems, such as the Victorian Transport Statistics Portal (VTSP) and Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity (VISTA)
  • Attending team meetings with my supervisor and co-workers to discuss project challenges, successes, impact, and applicability
  • Attending mentoring sessions within and external to DEDJTR with professional stakeholders involved in the planning community

08/2015-Currently Employed: Capire Consulting (Community and Stakeholder Engagement)
Role: Casual Assistant

  • Entering data/information pertaining to community engagement forums held by Capire on behalf of key stakeholders in the Melbourne Metropolitan area
  • Distributing project materials to local community members pertaining to community engagement forums on behalf of key stakeholders and Capire
  • Creating and maintaining Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents using advanced Microsoft Excel functions and calculations to develop reports, lists, and deadlines in regards to assigned projects
  • Interacting with stakeholders via email, telephone, and face to face communication to obtain information pertaining to delegated projects

06/2014 – 12/2014: The National Heart Foundation Australia (Head Office) - Melbourne
Role: Active Living Volunteer

  • Reviewed existing reports and documentation, which addressed best practice urban densification protocol, built form, sustainable environmental management, and integrated active transport methods
  • Prepared summary reports on information relating to Heart Foundation publications, i.e. active living/built form publications such as Healthy By Design
  • Worked alongside the active living (planning) employees in a team orientated environment
  • Contacted local councils, and various stakeholders via phone and email regarding statutory planning policy and local development projects
  • Negotiated with stakeholders to consider including best practice aspects of the Healthy By Design guidelines within their LPPFs

(added 10/11/15)


Name: Andrew Kennedy
Phone: 0423 253 040
Desired working location: Brisbane/South-East Queensland


  • Bachelor of Marine Studies (Coastal Management) (Hons), University of Queensland
  • Graduate Certificate of Public Administration, University of Canberra
  • Graduate Diploma of Urban and Regional Planning, currently undertaking further study to complete to Masters level by July 2016, University of Queensland


June 2014- May 2015. Development Assessment Officer, ACT Government, Planning and Land Authority.

  • Undertook assessment and made decisions on development applications.
  • Provided planning advice to the public as part of a small team

January 2012-June 2015. Policy Officer, Australian Government Department of Agriculture

  • Developed and implemented a stakeholder engagement strategy for draft biosecurity legislation, as part of a small team
  • Coordinated my team's input to a strategic committee for departmental regulatory policy
  • Worked as part of a team across the Australian Government to improve practical and legislative basis for biosecurity management in the Indian Ocean Territories

I am seeking entry-level positions, temporary student roles or work experience in planning or environmental management, including transport planning, urban design and development applications. With some experience in development assessment and in public administration, I have an appreciation for the role of the regulatory system in achieving liveability outcomes. I bring a range of skills in communication, teamwork and research that equip me to make an enthusiastic contribution to any team. I am passionate about a future where our cities are designed to promote the wellbeing of residents and visitors. I have developed an interest in the interaction between the environment and psychology, having recently completed a research project that evaluated new cycling infrastructure in central Canberra for its potential to encourage new cycle trips and reduce fear.

(added 5/11/2015)


Name: Talat Munshi
Desired working location: Adelaide, Anywhere in South Australia


2007 –2013 PhD in Urban and Transport Planning, University of Twente, The Netherlands, International Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), The Netherlands

2001 - 2003 M.Sc in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (Urban Infrastructure Management), ITC, The Netherlands.

1995-1997 Masters (Equivalent) in Planning, School of Planning, C.E.P.T University, India

1990-1995 B.Tech (Equivalent) in Construction Technology, School of Building Science and Technology, C.E.P.T University, India


2007 to Present, Associate Professor, Faculty of Planning and Public Policy, CEPT University

2006 – 2007, Associate Fellow/Adjunct Faculty, Centre for Urban Systems and Infrastructure, Regulatory Studies and Governance Division, The Energy and Resource Institute

2004 – 2006, Lecturer in Transportation Planning, Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Geo-Information Management, ITC, The Netherlands

1998 – 2004, Lecturer, Faculty of Planning and Public Policy, CEPT University

1997 – 1998, Assistant Town Planner, Town Planning Department, Surat Municipal Corporation, Surat, India

Areas of Specialization

Urban Transport
Urban Planning
Geo-information Technology

Areas of Competence

Transport Modelling,
Travel Behaviour Analysis,
Accessibility Analysis,
Land-use planning and modelling,
Spatial and Statistical Planning Methods

(added 2/11/2015)


Name: Maan Chibli
Phone: 00971 52 9988804
Desired working location: Sydney, Melbourne.

Doctorate of Urban Planning

I have a diversified professional and academic record, being the Mayor of Aleppo for more than 7 years, where several performances were achieved especially Urban Planning and Development as well as Heritage Management. I have also the experience working with international organizations in Syria: GIZ, UNDP, EU, ESCWA, the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development and JICA.

I have the ability to lead & manage diversified teams, to take the maximum advantage of their work and encourage their new ideas and make them work. Moreover, I am able to develop policies & build Partnerships in close coordination with the public & private sectors as well as the civil society. The Aleppo experience is documented & disseminated to other cities in Syria in particularly that concerns Governance based on an established network at the City, National & International levels.

In 2005, I was the initiator of Aleppo City Development Strategy in coordination with the World Bank and Cities Alliance, traced a long term vision for the development of Aleppo City in various fields.

(added 26/10/15)


Name: Nadia McLeod
Phone: 0431 424 099
Desired working location: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne
Education: BSc Honours Rural and Urban Planning
Eligibility to work in Australia: Permanent Resident and vetted by Vetassess for nominated occupation of Urban and Regional Planner (ANZSCO Code: 232611)
Professional Membership: Affiliate Member to PIA (Member number: 67740) and Graduate Class Membership (G252) to Zimbabwe Institute of Regional and Urban Planners
Experience: Planner at Arup Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd (January 2007 to June 2nd 2015)

Strategic Planning (Preparation of Master and Local Plans)

  • Formulate research material and tools to initiate the early stages of a Master Plan and/or Local Plan; such as questionnaires, surveys to do with socio-economic analysis, land use analysis, ownership analysis, shopping centre preference and habits as well as traffic counts
  • Analyse data collected in the field using software programmes such as Microsoft Excel and the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) to develop comprehensive information i.e. graphs, tables, figures.
  • Structure a Master Plan and/or Local Plan using the guidelines set out in the planning act governing Zimbabwe town planning; the Regional, Town and Country Planning Act Chapter 29:11 and any other relevant planning regulations i.e. the Report of Study and Written Statement
  • Design and develop guidelines with regards to environmental planning and management (and where applicable working under the guidelines of the Environmental Management Agency)
  • Analyse and recommend optimal use and future implementation of water and sewer provision and infrastructure under the guidance of the local planning authority and/or relevant government agencies/departments
  • Design development control parameters to guide how future development assessments should occur
  • Design and recommend implementation, monitoring and evaluation measures for each local plan’s specifications.
  • Liaising with the local planning authority and/or client to ensure the smooth transition of final adoption and approval of a Master Plan and/or Local Plan
  • Keeping the client up-to-date with the progress of the local plan i.e. periodically contacting the client via verbal or written correspondence
  • The preparation and updating of planning registers for local plans and liaising with the local planning authority on the same
  • Resolve any disputes/representations that might arise during the Plan preparation.

Development Control Planning

  • Assisting in the preparation of development control applications/assessments such as ‘change of use’ and/or ‘special consent’ and ‘change of reservation’ applications to the legal frameworks and guidelines
  • Address enquiries on general development issues such land use zoning and how best to define and advice the client on their individual needs and requirements.

Administrative Duties

  • Providing customer advice to clients/potential clients on general development issues to do with land use zoning, user rights to do with development assessments being exempt, prohibited or self assessable etc
  • Performing any other duties relating to strategic planning and development control planning such as supervising staff members during research field trips/assignments
  • Delegating work duties to town planning technicians and coordinating periodic updates of any mapping work
  • Completing monthly timesheets
  • Filing of documents according to the Quality Assurance Standards used at Arup, Zimbabwe
  • Monitoring internal Registers of Master Plans and/or Local Plans.

(added 22/10/15)


Name: Mani Kumar Sharma
Date of birth: 01/01/1989
Nationality: Bhutanese
Phone: 0426404056

Desired working location: Regional Australia

Languages:English: fluent, IELTS score 7.0 “good user”, January 2015, (English is the language of instruction in all schools in Bhutan). Dzongkha: fluent,( national language of Bhutan). Hindi: fluent. Nepali: fluent

2011-2015 :Completed Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning degree at University of New England, Armidale, NSW, 2350, Australia. Successfully completed 32 units required for B. URP. All units at Pass level with two-thirds at Credit and Distinction.
2009-2010: Higher Secondary 2009 /2010 Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School Bhutan Science stream
2005-2008: Middle / Lower Secondary Khasadrapchu Middle Secondary School. Certificate and third highest marks in Bhutan Certificate of Secondary Examination. Dux in every grade.
1998-2004: Primary School Gomtu Middle Secondary Bhutan. Dux in every grade.

Present Position:
Casual cleaner under TJS Services cleaning airport, public library and Spotlight shopping centre

Certificate awarded and scholarship to study at The University of New England (UNE) Australia from Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB), 2011. Commenced study for Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning, UNE, July 2011. King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, 5th king of Bhutan presented me with Certificates for outstanding academic achievements Year 9 (2007) and Year 10 (2009). United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) Certificate for successful participation in Quiz Thimphu 2008.

Membership of Professional Associations:
Member, Planning Institute of Australia (PIA); Attended PIA Seminar, Planning for Agriculture, Tamworth 29th May 2015; Member, UNE Group of Urban and Regional Planning

Computer skills:
Good computer skills. Microsoft applications: e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel and Excess Internet: e.g. Google Chrome, Google Scholar, worldwide

Research skills:

Unit GEPL338 Understanding Research , result Credit. Research undertaken in several other units of the degree.

Employment Record:

Casual crop worker, Guyra, NSW, Tomato Exchange, Costa Group of Companies, November –February 2012-2013; August – October 2013; March – June 2014; October-February 2014-2015. Casual crop worker, Sale Victoria, bean farm, December-February 2011-2012. Student Planner, Department of Human Settlements, Ministry of Works and Human Settlements, Thimphu, Bhutan November – February 2013-2014. Road construction worker: road surfacing, road formation, concrete and bitumen surfacing, Bhutan. During school vacations.


Adjunct Associate Professor Warren Halloway (Rtd), The University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia. 90 Mossman Street, Armidale , NSW, 2350. Ph. 61 2 67724750,

Mr. Paul McFarland. Lecturer. School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences, University of New England, Armidale, NSW,2351 Australia. Ph. 61 2 67732821

Dr. Rajanathan Rajaratnam. Lecturer. School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences, University of New England, Armidale, NSW,2351 Australia. Ph. 61 2 67733435

Added (21/10/2015)


  • Contact PIA today
  • 02 6262 5933
  • 02 6292 9970
  • PO Box 5427 Kingston ACT 2604